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Tips for Childproofing Your Windows

childproofing your windows

Checking your window locks to make sure they work is an important part of childproofing your windows.

Beautiful windows with sweeping views and enough movement to let you enjoy the breeze are every homeowner’s dream. One important aspect of new windows that often goes unmentioned but is especially important to homeowners with families is child safety. Windows that aren’t properly childproofed can be a serious hazard.

Furniture Placement

Children are curious creatures who love to crawl and climb. Unfortunately, they also don’t have much depth perception and are prone to falling off of things. This makes butting furniture right next to windows a real hazard. Moving furniture just a foot off of the wall will keep open windows out of reach for those little adventurers.

Working Locks

Young children are curious and love to learn and understand new things, especially when it comes to thing that move. Windows are simple yet interesting mechanisms and offer a view of the outside world, so children will naturally be drawn to them. Make sure all the windows within reach of curious children have working locks and close completely.

Window Blind Cords

Window blind cords are a well-known safety issue when it comes to children. Replacing them with cordless blinds is the best solution, but cord management hangers can work too. Cordless blinds are more expensive than standard window blinds but offer unmatched safety. Cord helpers give you a place to tie up the cord out of reach of small hands.

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