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Tips for Choosing Entry Windows

Exterior shot of an open Wooden Front Door, entry windows

Entry windows are the windows on the sides of your front door and can add a lot of character to your home.

Entry windows, just like your front door, siding, and roof, are one of the first impressions that guests get of your home. As a result, choosing them wisely is incredibly important! Here are some simple tips to help you choose the right entry windows for your home.

Make a Grid

If you want a distinctive and brightly-lit entry window, place two large windows made of many separate smaller square panels on each side of your door. This is a fabulous way to open up the exterior of your home and make it feel and look more spacious. Glass makes your entryway look inviting to guests and any visitors. The grid arrangement also creates an interesting visual texture.

Use Shutters

Just like with the rest of your windows, adding shutters can give your home more privacy and still make your entry windows seem inviting. Shutters are also a way to add character and color to your home. If you have neutral siding and a neutral roof, the entry windows are the perfect place to add some color and personality. Shutters are particularly good for adjusting your entry windows to let in only as much light as you want.

Victorian Charm

If you have a Victorian style home or want an interesting way to accent your home with entry windows, use a half-round window on top of your front door. This semi-circle will match the exterior of your home perfectly. If you want to get creative, use stained glass for your entry windows on each side and in the half-circle to show off your style and personality. Stained glass allows light to shine in and create gorgeous patterns on your walls while also providing a sense of privacy.

Match the Finish

Make sure that the finish you choose for your entry windows complements or matches the same finish as your trim. You can stain the material to match the door and still stand out from the siding if you’d like.

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