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Tips for Choosing the Right Windows

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When it comes to new windows, where do you start? We recommend our showroom.

When it is time to get new windows for your home, you are probably making your way through a long list of things you would like them to do—lower your energy bills, let beautiful sunlight into your home, and last a long time. Here are some tips to help you choose the right new windows for your home.

What Window Style Should I Choose?

There are four main styles of windows to choose from for your new windows:

  • Single or Double Hung Windows: These are incredibly common, and chances are your home or past homes might have had them. They are two different panels of glass that open or close by moving them up or down. Single hung windows open from the bottom by sliding up and double hung windows can open from the top or bottom.
  • Casement Windows: This style of window is one large sash, hinged vertically, and opened by swinging it out.
  • Awning Windows: These are hinged at the top and opened by pressing the bottom and tilting the window out, resembling an awning.
  • Slider Windows: This type of window opens from side to side. They work very well when you don’t have much space to swing a window open.

What Window Frame Material Should I Choose?

There are two main types of window frame and sash materials that are used for new windows:

  • Wood windows: Wood does a great job of beautifying your home and insulating the windows themselves. While they are beautiful, they require regular maintenance to prevent them from falling victim to insect infestation or wood rot.
  • Vinyl windows: Vinyl windows are incredibly popular and typically more cost effective than their wooden counterparts. Vinyl is almost maintenance free and can also provide great insulation.

What Window Glass Should I Choose?

Now that you’ve decided style and frame material, it’s time to choose the glass for your new windows. Here are the two new types of glass available:

  • Low Emissivity Glass: This glass is made with a virtually invisible layer of material on it that reduces the amount of heat transfer. This type of glass can help lower your cooling costs over the summer.
  • Impact Resistant Glass: This glass will still crack if it gets hit by a heavy object, but it will not break into a million small, dangerous pieces.

Ready for Your Beautiful New Windows

If you are ready for professionally installed new windows at a competitive and honest rate, Architectural Window Supply is ready to help! We have been working for over 20 years at giving business owners and homeowners gorgeous windows and incomparable customer service. EN.LVOV.NATASHAESCORT.COM For more information on our services, give us a call at (410) 266-5254 or visit us online. For more tips and tricks for getting the most out of your windows, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,  Houzz, and Google+.

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