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Tips for Cleaning Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

tips for cleaning floor-to-ceiling windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer great views, but that’s a lot of surface area to clean.

Is there anything more beautiful than an uninterrupted view of the perfect fall day? The oranges and reds against a clear, crisp blue sky are the best thing this season has to offer. If you’re sitting inside looking out the window you might be wishing you had more of a view than your old windows are giving you. Floor-to-ceiling windows will give you unparalleled views of all those beautiful fall colors, if you keep them clean.

Get On Their Level

Children love to check out new things and are endlessly exploring. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a natural draw for children with their unobstructed views of the outside world. Little hands and faces will leave their mark though, so don’t forget to clean the bottom quarter of the windows. This area might need attention more frequently if your little one loves your windows as much as you do.

Use the Right Tools

Two things are absolutely necessary for cleaning floor-to-ceiling windows. First, you’ll need a good microfiber cloth. These work better than paper towels or cotton rags because they won’t leave behind fibers or leave streaks. Second, you’ll need a squeegee on a telescoping pole. A telescoping pole will allow you to reach even the highest point of the window, and the squeegee is great for deeper cleanings with water and dish soap. For regular cleanings and touchups, your favorite glass cleaner and the microfiber cloth are all you need for a clean and clear view.

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