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Types of Window Treatments to Treat Yourself This Spring

types of window treatments

Peeking through the blinds for answers about window treatments? Look no further.

Did you listen to us last week and get new windows for your home? If you did, that’s awesome! And thanks! But if not, we understand. Choosing replacement windows can be a tough task, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether you just replaced your windows, or are looking for a way to add a little something to your old ones, window treatments are a great solution. Read on to learn about the many benefits of window treatments, learn which types of window treatments will give you those benefits, and see if any of them fit your needs and your style!

Benefits of Window Treatments

Let There Be (Less) Light

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of window treatments is the ability to control the amount of light being let into a room. Wide open views and flooding the room with natural light can be great in some instances, but what about bedroom windows at the crack of dawn on a summer weekend? What about the glare of the sun on the TV during your favorite show or movie? Yeah, how does light control sound now? Types of window treatments to control light: light-filtering shades, blackout shades/curtains, slatted blinds.

Save Your Energy

Whether hot or cold, it’s impressive what window treatments can do to improve energy efficiency and save money on your energy bill. Up to 25% of your heating and cooling can be lost through your windows. Both by improving insulation and blocking sunlight, window treatments will help you maintain a more consistent and comfortable temperature in your house year-round. Types of window treatments to save energy: Honeycomb shades (far and away the best insulator), draperies, shutters.

Don’t Have to Break the Bank

If you’re hesitating at the price of replacement windows, you probably aren’t super excited about shelling out big bucks for these fancy window treatments. Good news: they don’t have to be expensive at all. There are plenty of affordable window treatments that can look good and function well without having to spend too much.Types of window treatments to save some cash: faux wood blinds, pleated shades, honeycomb shades.

At Architectural Window Supply, we want to make sure you fully enjoy the windows that we provide. If you feel so inclined, click here to view the full source we used to draw information for this article to learn more about different types of window treatments.

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