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What Are New Construction Windows?

What are New Construction Windows?

A replacement window is one that replaces an existing window. A New Construction Window, meanwhile, is a little more complex.

Have you noticed your comfort declining, while your energy bills steadily rise? The problem might be with your windows, not your HVAC system. Older windows are simply not as efficient as today’s models. They let cold air escape during your home during the summer, and let cold air seep into your house in the winter. This puts extra strain on your heating and cooling systems, which is what leads to those high energy bills.

Shopping for New Windows

You have probably heard the term Replacement Window before. That one is pretty self-explanatory. A replacement window is one that replaces an existing window. These windows are designed to fit into the existing framework of your home with minimal construction and disruption to your daily life. A New Construction Window, meanwhile, is a little more complex.

What Are New Construction Windows?

New construction windows are exactly what they sound like. Most often used during the new construction of homes, these windows come complete with frame and sashes, but that does not mean they cannot be used in existing homes. In fact, there are several benefits to using new construction windows to replace older, inefficient windows. It just takes a little more work. , Installing new construction windows is a more involved process than installing replacement windows, because it involves replacing the frame as well as the sashes. However, the end result is a brand new window inside and out.

How Do I Order New Construction Windows?

Step 1) All too often, new homeowners base their window selection on minimum energy efficiency requirements and price. However, there is so much more to a window that how much it costs. So, read up on product information, as well as customer reviews. The more information you find, the more confident you can be in your final decision.

Step 2) Well, that is where Architectural Window Supply comes in. We are a supplier of quality, high-end, custom windows, including leading brands like JELD-WEN, Tradewood, Norwood, Quaker, and Panda. For the past 20 years we have been the go-to choice for Maryland homeowners, homebuilders, and architects who need personalized, knowledgeable service.

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We provide consultation and pricing for your project, and assist in navigating the many window choices available. Our staff is factory-trained and experienced, which means they’ll offer informed advice on your window, from function to performance.

If you have any questions about New Construction Windows, please contact Architectural Window Supply by calling 410-266-5254! Our sales people work closely with every architect and builder to ensure that the result is created just as it was planned.

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