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What to Do with a Cracked Window

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A cracked window is a rare occurrence, but what do you do when it does happen?

While it would be nice if there was a quick fix for cracked glass, unfortunately this is not the case. While you can take steps in the meantime to stop the crack from deepening and spreading, this is not a permanent fix. Eventually you will need new windows. It will break eventually, and when it does it will pose a definite safety hazard. If you have seen a crack in your window glass, here are some steps to take.    

Temporary Fixes

Before making use of either of these temporary fixes, it is important to remember that cracked glass cannot be permanently repaired, and eventually you will need to get new windows. These can hold you over in the meantime, however.  

-Masking Tape: This will stick to glass and help temporarily stabilize it. Tape the crack on both sides of the glass.

-Superglue: This can help contain the crack in the short term, but will not work forever. First, clean your window with nail polish remover. Then Apply the glue to the crack.  

Don’t Forget About Insulation

If your window is cracked, it will no longer provide the insulation it once did. Whether the heat or AC is on, you will pay for all of the air that escapes through that crack. In order to lessen this, you can insulate your whole window by covering it with plastic. There are kits sold you can use to do this. If you have a crack in a storm window, you can also insert insulation between the panes. Bubble wrap works excellently for this.

Start Thinking About New Windows

Even with these quick fixes on hand, you will still need to replace the broken pain before it becomes a safety hazard. New windows have the look, feel, insulation, and energy efficiency you need for your home.

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