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Why Are My Home’s Windows Leaking?

Why Are My Home’s Windows Leaking?

In order to keep moisture from entering your home. You need to ensure there is a tight glass seal.

Rain is a common occurrence this time of year. For homeowners with leaky windows, frequent spring showers can be rather problematic. Although water is life, it can also be quite destructive. If water finds its way into your home, it can cause significant damage. If you identify that a window is leaking, you should address the issue as soon as possible. You will first need to determine the cause of your window leakage.

Poor Glass Seal

In most cases, windows have leaks because they do not have tight seals around them. In order to keep moisture from entering your home. You need to ensure there is a tight glass seal. A bad seal not only allows water from entering your home, but it also means the window has lost some of its insulating gas. This means that your home’s windows are far less energy efficient. In other words, you will likely need to spend more money on your air conditioning bills this spring and summer. It is in your best interest to either replace your windows or get them resealed by a professional.

Leaks In Your Walls

In some cases, your windows may not even be the cause of the leaks. Many homeowners are under the assumption that their windows are responsible for not keeping the water out; however, it could be because you have a leak in your walls. If you ever notice a leak, you will want to inspect the walls around windows for any gaps or cracks. You may need to reseal the walls to address your leak issue.  

Window Condensation

It is important that you don’t jump to conclusion if you suspect you have a window leak. Homeowners often assume that they have a leak when there is water present on their window. However, most of the time it is just brought on by condensation, which means you have nothing to worry about.

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