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Why You Should Replace Your Home’s Windows This Spring


Thinking it might be time to replace some of your windows? Be on the lookout for these warning signs.

Spring is in the air! Maybe this means that you’re planning and starting your garden. Or maybe it means that you’ve got your spring cleaning checklist ready to go. One thing you should think about doing this spring is replacing those old drafty windows. You can replace your windows any time of year, but spring is a good time, because it’s on your mind. After all, you were probably feeling those drafts of air all winter. Don’t put it off till next fall when you’re already losing heat to consider it again. Here are three great benefits of replacing your windows you should consider.


Replacing your old windows with new ones can actually protect your home and family. Windows are a great addition in the home because they let in a ton of beautiful natural light. But with this light comes UV rays, that is, unless you have new windows that can block the UV rays. Newer windows have a thin coating that can actually block up to 95% of UV light, without diminishing the brightness of the light coming in. This will protect your family from the damaging effects of UV exposure, but it will also protect your property, since UV light can also fade furniture, rugs, and artwork.

Save Money

New windows are definitely an expense, but they are one that is an investment: they will save you money and over time they may even totally pay for themselves. All those drafts and cold spots that you were feeling near your windows all winter were literally money flowing out into the cold. In fact, leaky doors and windows could be costing you 25% of your heating and cooling energy. That translates to more than a few dollars over the year. New energy efficient windows can even help you save money in the summer, when they can help keep your home cooler so that you spend less on air conditioning.

Home Value

New windows will help improve the value of your home, and if you’re thinking about selling anytime in the near future, this is an important consideration. Buyers look for improvements like new windows when they are home shopping. They want homes that won’t cost them an excessive amount in upkeep and additional costs, on top of the new mortgage they are taking on. The new windows will also improve the curb appeal because they look better than the old windows, and this could attract more interested buyers.

Architectural Window Supply Can Help With All Your Window and Door Needs

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