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Will Replacement Windows Really Improve Energy Efficiency?

Replacement Windows Energy Efficiency

Replacement windows can help to cut down on costs and offer more energy efficiency in your home.

Have you noticed a hike in your energy bills?

During the summer, our energy costs generally rise because of air condition use. But, many people don’t realize that old windows let in heat that counteracts the hard work of an air conditioner. This makes your energy bill higher, but replacement windows can help to cut down on costs and offer more energy efficiency in your home.

Save Money with Replacement Windows

It’s true that replacement windows are an investment, but it is an investment that can save you money throughout the years and offers a nice ROI (return on investment). According to Energy Star, energy efficient windows could possibly reduce your energy costs by as much as $446 a year. Of course, this depends on how many panes the window has and the overall energy efficiency of your house, but it is a strong indication that you can really cut down on your energy costs just by installing replacement windows. Many owners of older homes fear that replacement windows may take away some of the charm and appeal of their house, but replacement windows offer a pristine look while cutting down on energy costs.

Seasons and Replacement Windows

Replacement windows will help you save money in the summer, but you can also increase your energy efficiency in the winter as well. Cold air can leak into your home through windows, and this creates a drafty effect that forces you to turn up the heat. Having the heat blasting obviously increases your energy bill, and when the weather becomes warmer, you are trapped in the cycle of relying on heating and cooling systems that can’t work efficiently. With replacement windows, however, you get the benefit of lowering your energy costs in any season.

Solid Returns on Replacement Windows

Replacement windows can provide a return in terms of savings through energy efficiency, but replacement windows also offer value if you plan on selling your home. Most perspective homebuyers want a home that isn’t a project, and they don’t want to deal with things such as improving the energy efficiency of the home. An investment in replacement windows now means you help to maintain the value of your home in the future.

Are you ready for Replacement Windows?

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