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Window Washing Tips for the Fourth of July

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If you plan on watching the fireworks from inside this Fourth of July, make sure your windows are clean and streak-free.

The Fourth of July is fastly approaching and that means three thing: parades, cookouts, and fireworks. After braving the heat for the parade and taking a dip in the pool at the cookout, it might be time to take the party inside. But what about the fireworks? If you’re hosting this Fourth, you want to make sure everyone has a good view of the main event, either outside or inside. Use these tips to help get your windows clean, and have the best view of the festivities your windows can offer.

Use the Right Tools

Spray cleaners and paper towels might be good for the casual touch up, but if you want to get you windows as clean as possible, use the right tools for the job. Using a squeegee and strip applicator, basically a squeegee with a cloth head, helps get the best streak-free clean. Be sure to get a squeegee that will fit your window panes. Instead of buying an expensive window washing specific cleaning solution, try using warm water with a squirt of dishwashing soap. You’ll also need a rag, preferably a lint-free one, and a chamois towel.

Know the Technique

The proper window washing technique will help get your windows as clean as possible. After using the strip applicator to soap up the window, start with the squeegee in the top left corner in a reverse S pattern. When you get to the bottom of the window, wipe the blade of the squeegee clean with a rag. For the hard to reach corners, use a damp chamois towel to remove the remaining soap. If you have smaller window panes, you’ll probably need to use a small sponge to apply the cleaning solution.

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