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Windows Safety: What Parents Need To Know

Windows Safety: What Parents Need To Know

Childproof window locks can make your windows less hazardous.

Safety always needs to be a major concern when it comes to windows. Every year, there is an alarming number of window-related injuries and fatalities. Parents should take a few measures to ensure the safety of their children. In addition to always keeping a close eye on your child, here are a few ways you can make your home’s windows less hazardous.

Talk To Your Child

If you have children in your home, you need to talk to them and tell them to never touch your windows. It is also important to realize that there will be instances where your child simply does not listen to you. Since this is the case, you want to be sure to take other steps to ensure their safety.

Childproof Window Locks

One of the best ways you can childproof your windows is to install childproof window locks. Sometimes, standard window locks are not enough to keep your little ones from opening your windows. If your child manages to get their little hands on your windows, you want to make them as difficult to open as possible. Childproof locks are worth the investment.

Childproof Window Guards

Window guards fit on practically any window. They are perfect for parents who have babies or young children in the home. They are difficult for toddlers to open; however, can be easily be opened in a moments notice by an adult.

Window Screens

As an additional safety measure, you may want to install screens outside of your home’s windows. However, parents need to realize that a window screen will not prevent a child from falling out the window. Window locks and guards are far better window safety features.

Keep Furniture Away From Windows

Your toddler may be a better climber than you realize. If possible, try your best to keep furniture away from your home’s windows. You don’t want your child using an end table to make their way up to a window ledge.

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