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Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows: Do Black Windows Fade?

Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows: Do Black Windows Fade?

In this blog, we will discuss a few factors that can impact how your dark aluminum-clad wood windows age.

Dark colors are becoming more and more popular in architecture and interior design. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, windows and doors are available in more colors than ever before. A popular option for dark-colored windows is aluminum-clad wood. Aluminum-clad wood windows consist of a wooden frame surrounded by either rolled or extruded aluminum. These types of windows are often considered high-end, though different styles are available at various price points. One concern that some homeowners have is that black or dark-colored aluminum-clad wood windows might fade due to sun exposure, age, or weathering. In this blog, we will discuss a few factors that can impact how your dark aluminum-clad wood windows age.

What Finish Do You Have?

The type of finish on your aluminum-clad wood window is perhaps the most critical factor when it comes to colors fading. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association tests finishes for colorfastness, weather resistance, and more. Based on the results of these tests, the AAMA bestows a rating for paint finishes. AAMA 2603, 2604, and 2605 are all used to describe how well paint finishes fare after extensive testing in the South Florida sun. AAMA 2603 is the lowest rating of these three, with finishes displaying slight fading after one year of outdoor exposure. The AAMA 2604 and 2605 specifications indicate that a finish will meet standards after exposure for five and ten years, respectively. The type of finish on your aluminum-clad wood windows is the number one factor that will determine how they age.

How Thick is the Aluminum?

When it comes to the aluminum used for clad-wood windows, there are two options: rolled aluminum and extruded aluminum. Rolled aluminum is the thinner of the two. It is generally about as thick as the wall of a soda can. On the other hand, extruded aluminum is a thicker cladding option with much more structural support. Extruded cladding is about as thick as a quarter. Because of this, it is resistant to most dings and dents. While rolled aluminum is the thinner option, it is also much easier to replace without replacing the entire window.

Where Are Your Windows?

Another factor that can influence how quickly your black aluminum-clad wood windows fade is the direction which they face. Frames that face south or west are more likely to fade due to UV rays from the sun, while shaded windows or those that face north or east will likely remain vibrant for longer. If you are considering installing black aluminum-clad wood windows and are not sure how well they will fare, consult the professionals at Architectural Window Supply.

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